Jesus Came to Bring… Division?

”On one occasion, Jesus asked, “Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth?” (Luke 12:51). Ask that question about Jesus to the average person today, and they will respond, “Well, yeah, of course!” Many people rightly understand that Jesus is a champion of love, forgiveness, and harmony. That’s why His own answer to the question is so surprising: “No, I tell you, but rather division.””. Read More at

7 Bible-Centered Places for Your Family’s Summer Vacation

”Summer is the time of year when many families like to go on vacation. The kids are out of school, the weather is warm, and it’s a great time for a roadtrip! There are many places to choose from around the country (and even around the world!), but parents may want to consider taking their families to a place where they will not only have fun, but will learn about the Bible and be encouraged in their faith. Below are seven places in different parts of the country that provide fun, educational, and edifying experiences for the whole family!©Thinkstock/monkeybusinessimages”. Read More at

10 Quotes about the Bible from Influential Christians

”For Christians, the Bible is much more than a simple book of faith. It’s a record of history, a collection of poetry, verses of proverbs, and a testament to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is quite literally the inspired word of God.Scripture was designed to speak to the heart of humanity, radically changing us from the inside out. Over the years, a number of influential Christians have shared their reflections on the Bible and how we, as believers, can better approach the gospel with open hearts. If you’re searching for a way to better understand the place of scripture in your Christian walk, you may find guidance in one of these 10 profound quotes.Photo courtesy: unsplash”. Read More at