”The genesis of Leeland’s new album City of God came from their desire to fearlessly explore a pastoral and prophetic voice of worship where songs are sung together and over the people of God. The 11 new songs are centered around the thematic of Psalm 46 through thoughtful and innovative songwriting. Recorded in a live”. […]

”Newcomers. Guests. Prospects. It’s always nice to see a new face in our groups! Having a game plan for welcoming newcomers goes a long way to ministering to someone new. Finding a Bible study group that you connect with isn’t always easy, so as group leaders, our initial actions can help our guests a lot!… […]

”GRAMMY Nominated, and internationally renowned artist collective Bethel Music has unveiled the track list and featured artists for their highly anticipated forthcoming album, Come Up Here, which will be released March 17th. Jenn and Brian Johnson, David Funk, Hannah McClure, Zahriya Zachary, Jonathan David and Melissa Helser, Josh Baldwin, Emmy…”. Read More at

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