”The same week that students on other U.S. college campuses battled police and chanted anti-Israel slogans, thousands of students on Liberty University’s campus in Lynchburg, Va., gathered on their outdoor lawn to sing and worship and to learn more about the Apostle John’s three letters to the church.”. Read More at

”Feed’Em’s latest project seamlessly blending the raw energy of Grime with the timeless message of the Gospel. The Congolese-born, London-based rapper offers a positive alternative to the UK Grime scene, spreading righteous messages over gritty beats. Supported by Grime Originals and praised by BBC Radio 1 Xtra’s Sian Anderson for…”. Read More at

”It seems that in modern 21st century Scotland, a Scottish Christian Presbyterian in Bute House is to be feared, sneered at and viciously mocked.”. Read More at

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