”If left unchallenged, the new regulations will affect everything from restrooms to locker rooms to athletic teams, allowing biological boys who identify as girls to participate. Despite claims from the Department of Education that the new rules do not extend to sports, critics argue that the explicit wording of the regulations clearly indicates otherwise.”. Read […]

”April 2024 sees the release of Paul Bell’s first set of worship songs – each written with a particular aim or target in mind. The collection, called “Arrows” is available now on all music platforms, lyric videos are on YouTube, and CDs are available via Rewind a little… Paul…”. Read More at

”Evan Egerer is a bilingual second-generation Latin American artist based out of Nashville, TN. His new single ‘Renaci (Reborn)’ is available now, co-written with Saint Lewis and produced by Sam Hart. Evan’s background in both Latin pop and CCM form his signature music style, featured in songs like ‘Life Goes…”. Read More at

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