”*This is the first in a 4-part series on strengthening our skills as students of God’s Word. During the pandemic, one of the things I did was put together a 3D puzzle I’d purchased a few years ago. It was really a set of plastic building blocks with instructions for creating a baseball cap to… […]

”Joseph SD’s latest single features YP aka Young Paul and showcases his skills as artist, producer, and engineer. This Life hits digital streaming platforms on May 3, 2024. Joseph SD has been steadily carving out his spot within the resurgence of the gritty scene within Christian hip hop. The Connecticut…”. Read More at

”Releasing on digital streaming platforms on May 3, 2024, Power is the latest effort from the Colorado duo of Illustrate and Procyse. Names carry more than just meanings. There is weight of varying degrees associated with names throughout history. Whether it is the name of a beloved leader, an infamous…”. Read More at

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