”As Crosswalk Headlines previously reported, Mica had served Miller with divorce papers on April 25, just two days before her death, and had first filed for divorce on October 23. Her sister, Sierra Francis, said that Mica was looking forward to being free from her husband because he was reportedly abusive.”. Read More at

”Christian singer-songwriter Taylor Pride, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, returns with his latest single, a live version of his song ‘Far Off Father (Live)’. Available on all streaming platforms, the single follows the recent release of ‘Treasure (Live)’ and ‘Joy Comes In The Morning (Live)’. “When I was a teenager, I…”. Read More at

”Hard rock group Crimson Overtone is inviting listeners to face themselves with their latest single “Welcome to Nowhere,” their first single released in partnership with Resurrection Records. “‘Welcome to Nowhere’ speaks to the intense desire to repress painful realities and hide from anything that reminds us of them. Problem is,…”. Read More at

”Feet are vital – over an average lifetime we walk between 75,000 and 100,000 miles – and any problem with them seriously affects our life. It’s hardly surprising, then, that the Bible makes 162 references to feet in the Old Testament, and 75 in the New Testament”. Read More at

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