”Over the last several months, a question has been rolling around in my mind. Recent events in the political arena have not quelled the question but have stoked the flame of it even higher. Is it truly possible for a Christian to be a politician? It may not be possible to be a Christian and […]

”The upcoming election in November has caused many individuals to look into who they will be voting for this year’s election. There are many candidates in the running; however, as Christians, it is important we know what each candidate believes before we vote for them. We don’t need to vote for someone mindlessly. If we […]

”UK Gospel artist Winnette releases an inspirational worship track titled “You Are God”, a heartfelt declaration of God’s identity, encouraging listeners to worship with a deeper understanding of who God is. The song emerged from Winnette’s personal time of prayer and worship, led by the Holy Spirit. “You Are God”…”. Read More at

”The celebration of Pride Month in our culture has become an opportunity to attack Christianity and say that it is a religion of hate. To say that authentic Christians hate or fear homosexuals or the trans-community demonstrates a gross misunderstanding of Christianity.”. Read More at

”Hailing from North London, Imani Shola has just released her lofi soul single, ‘Still On You’. Louder Than The Music chatted with her about growing up with a music loving dad, the inspiration behind her music, and her plans for the future. For those who haven’t heard of you before,…”. Read More at

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