”According to a new report by Lifeway Research, a majority of pastors in the United States continue to oppose same-sex marriage, and the past growing trend of support among mainline clergy is slowing down. The report, released Tuesday, found that in 2023, 21 percent of Protestant pastors said they saw “nothing wrong” with same-sex marriage, […]

”London-based singer-songwriter, Sarah Téibo, who was told she may never sing again has defied the odds and released a new EP – ‘Human Like Me’ – after recovering from thyroid cancer. Sarah was also told by medics that her vocal cords were at risk of being permanently damaged after urgent…”. Read More at

”*This is the second in a 4-part series on strengthening our skills as students of God’s Word. In every Explore the Bible session, at least one Bible skill activity is included. The skill may be included in the group plans or group activities as a way to help the members of our group develop and… […]

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