”The Bolivian Catholic Conference of Bishops has filed a lawsuit at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights against the Bolivian State over the forced closure of a longstanding Catholic educational institution, challenging the Bolivian government’s 2010 decision to shutter private teacher training colleges as part of a broader move to monopolize this sector.”. Read More […]

”Despite being promoted during her campaign team as a progressive woman, Mexico President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum held some meetings with representatives of over 30,000 Evangelical churches registered with the government secretary of Mexico at the start of her presidential campaign. But some pastors see her as only following the line of discourse of current President Andrés […]

”Resurrection Records rapper DaMac has released a heartfelt new music video for “June 2nd,” marking the anniversary of his mom’s passing. The music video, which was directed by longtime DaMac collaborator Matthew Alson Thornbury (Media Arts & Talent LLC), is available to watch on YouTube now. DaMac describes the music…”. Read More at

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