”Over the past few weeks most of us have seen or heard about someone graduating. We may have even been invited to attend the event, cheering for our friend or family member as they walked across the stage. These ceremonies serve as markers for the graduate, pointing to them finishing something. For some it was…”. […]

”With signs of summer all around, another shift in seasons is before us. And whether we are finishing a semester of school, helping our family transition to summer schedules, or simply readying our closets with flip-flops and swimsuits, change is upon us. While summer typically brings a rush of graduation parties, weddings, and showers—celebrations meant […]

”Without the ascension, Christ’s nativity, passion, and resurrection would have been pointless. The ascension is the defining moment that marked the end of Jesus’ personal ministry on earth and the beginning of the Great Commission. Alistair Begg walks us through the Gospel plan, the Holy Spirit’s enabling power, and the personnel God uses to accomplish […]

”“Jesus keeps me safe,” Jovi, my oldest daughter, quietly said as I tucked her in the other night. “Yes, He will always keep you safe,” I said, while hugging her. “He is not here,” Jovi responded. It was in that moment I knew I could send a sense of reassurance into Jovi’s toddler-sized heart. She”. […]