”As you lead your group each week, you’ll want to set aside some time in your gathering to pray. This is an excellent opportunity to model prayer for those who may be new to Christianity. It’s also a time to challenge long-time believers to be strategic in their prayer time. You may consider having an…”. […]

”A Note from Gretchen A red bird flitters to the barren branch outside my kitchen window, and snapshots from a long-ago memory rush through my mind like the credits to a movie—my college dorm room, the ugly AC unit outside my fourth-story window, tears streaming down my face. It’s not a pretty memory, but it’s […]

”At 8:45 pm on a quiet Sunday night, I noticed my nine-year-old son’s shadow appear in the dark hallway while I folded laundry and watched television. He approached me, sniffling with his head hung low. His tears alerted me. Did something scare him while he was in bed for the night? Pulling him close, I […]

”Heavenly Father, Your word instructs me to cast my anxieties on You, because You care for me (1 Peter 5:7). I confess that I have too often misjudged Your character, questioned Your kindness, and doubted Your provision. I have not considered the ways that You provide for all life, including food for the ravens and […]

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