Nate Parrish Drops New Album

Nate Parrish Drops New Album

”Nate Parrish released his highly anticipated sophomore album Soul Surgery on April 8, a collection of 14 raucous, bleeding heart punk rock tracks. Soul Surgery includes previously released singles like “Religion of Relevance” and “Life in Dissonance,” and is available now wherever you get your music.

“This album also contains some of my most personal and introspective lyrics,” Nate reflects. “The funny thing about the first album is that it was never really planned out as an album. The original plan was to just release singles for a while, but it kind of morphed into an album. This time around, I approached it as a complete thought, a more cohesive collection of songs centered around the idea of Soul Surgery.”

That concept is captured well by the titular track “Soul Surgery,” which observes, “we put a bandaid on this broken heart, paint the[…]”. Read More at

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