North Point Worship Releases New Album

North Point Worship Releases New Album

”Over the weekend, the internationally known North Point Worship released its first album of 2022, Our God Will See Us Through. Available at digital and streaming outlets globally now, the album was recorded live on October 14 at North Point Ministries’ Woodstock City Church campus and features the singles “This Is My Song,” “God is Love,” “Deliverer,” and “Prodigals.”

A common theme in each of these songs and throughout Our God Will See Us Through is the encouraging, hopeful message that the pathway to God is never far away as He is always calling His children home. Like the story of The Prodigal Son, perhaps one of the most relatable stories in scripture, people can tend to find themselves wandering toward the things that never satisfy because of fear, doubt, skepticism, or misaligned priorities.

“We wrote ‘Prodigals’ as a repentance song, an acknowledgment[…]”. Read More at

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